The Rougemont Superior Institute, created in 1986 is a private institute accredited by the rectorat of Paris and the Labour ministry, the Rougemont Superior Institute is well known for :

Its methodology :
Based on the methodology experimented in French secondary and superior technical teaching, meaning that the courses are based on a pedagogical project depending on the specificities of the teaching of the French language and civilization. The courses are provided in a friendly environment.

Its pedagogic structure :
The school provides an active pedagogy based teaching, using some tools designed by our team in order to give the students the right training to upgrade the skills they need for each level.

Its pedagogical goals :
The courses of French language and civilization are for students willing to understand the french culture as a group of values(that you can see during the different ways of thinking).

Located in downtown Paris, the Cours Rougemont is right in the middle of historical, culturals, artistics and economics interests of the french capitale. Museums, typicals areas, hostels and restaurants.